Bugwood Bean - Espresso and Local Networking in Smithers, BC

Organic, fresh-roasted espresso accompanied by wholesome, organic baked goods. Yeah, baby.


Our Story

A Confession

It was summer 2009. Nick and Mika Meyer were soon to be married, living in their camper while renovating their house. The couple had returned from a winter and spring full of forestry work abroad. Contract after contract, the aftermath of pine beetle infestation is dealing with a trail of “bugwood” in the Northwest.

Twilight dimmed their wooded property. A small campfire was burning bright as they sat on pine firewood rounds and discussed their future.

“I don’t want to work in the bush any more.” Mika confessed abruptly. “I need a job where I feel more connected to the community…I want to be home”


An Idea is Born

The pair had often dreamt of being entrepreneurs. Nick offered a solution. “We should start a salvaged wood products company, all value added Bugwood products, we can make moldings, furniture, spec buildings…” He continued brainstorming aloud.

“Lets just focus on something simple and doing it really well,” Mika contributed. “I don't want to reinvent the wheel, How about Coffee?” She paused in a light bulb moment, then continued. “Lets sell coffee from a Timber frame made of Bugwood! We'll deal in local products and call it…”

The flame from the campfire flickered. Nick smiled as he finished her sentence, “Bugwood Brew. ” The name has changed since then (only a little).


Bugwood Begins

Thus the Bugwood Bean was born, an idea that harnessed young energy into the direction of a simple business that could add value to community. Starting out practically with a mobile espresso bar In snowy November 2010, the pregnant Mika began fine tuning her espresso drinks, sourcing products and networking .


The Business Grows

Fast forward a few years later, Nick and Mika’s family has grown with two children Ruby-Mei and Maxwell. The timber frame built with bugwood stands proudly in Smithers BC. Their team has grown and business has become known for its amazing espresso, fantastic service, and truly local products.




Our mortise and tenon timber frame building built by Howson Timber Frames may be small in size but is grand in character.  It displays beautiful blue stained pine timbers accented with Terrace milled cedar shingles, and Smithers manufactured wood windows.

We offer a regular assortment of baked goods with decadent gluten free options available daily to accompany our extensive menu of fine espresso based drinks  made from fresh roasted organic espresso beans.  We also serve Chatters Pizza by the slice available at noon daily and  a summer menu of blended and Iced drinks that will refresh and impress you.

Enjoy free wifi

Find us at Second and Main Street Smithers, open all  year round 8:00-5:30 Monday thru Saturday.

Bugwood Bean Supports Local Businesses

Local Networking

By spending our dollars within our own community we are not only supporting our friends and neighbours, we are strengthening our own economy.

Our community network provides us with the products and services that we require to operate our business.

We believe that sharing networks and supporting quality local businesses, is a key component to growing diverse modern communities.

We'd like to share ours.

The Human Health Project image

The Human Health Project

The Human Health Project is setting a new standard for rehabilitation, healthy aging and human potential. Servaas Mes and Titia Donker help you develop a personalized program that prevents, treats and often resolves health issues. Are you ready to improve?

Nature’s Pantry image

Nature’s Pantry

Sibling trio Monica, Chis, and Ali Howard own this local whole food resource.
They supply Smithers and the Bugwood with the healthy alternative choices that our modern community craves.  Always prepared to introduce something new Nature's Pantry keeps us engaged in an ever growing and changing world of whole foods and alternative health.

Starmaker image


Owner Austin Currah, when asked to make a curved metal sign to mount our curved wall he said, “Sure I can do that.” He adds creativity and character to a hard medium. Austin specializes in custom metal fabrications. If you can dream it, he can do it.

Chicken Creek Coffee image

Chicken Creek Coffee

Owners Ed and Kathy, are our coffee roasting resource.Bugwood is proud to use this local small batch artisan roaster. They specialize in fine Organic, Fair Trade, and Shade Grown Coffees.
 Ed and Kathy roast by sight, smell, and sound so every bean roasted must pass there high standard of quality.

Howson Timber Frames image

Howson Timber Frames

Owner Dave Watson, built the Bugwood Bean from planning to finishing with his crew of progressive craftsmen. Dave is known for timber joinery but can also manage and execute any construction project from renovations to new construction. Howson uses local resources when possible to realize his clients vision.

Facundo Gastiazoro image

Facundo Gastiazoro

Art, design, vision.  Facundo has a large part in the image of the Bugwood Bean that we now know.  Its amazing to have an exciting idea, tell it to a man on the telephone. He then draws it and emails you an image of what you discribed.  Facundo has birthed our logo, the coveted coffee bean beetle, painted our mobile, and been essential in the concept and deign of the Bugwood Bean Main Street. facundogastia@gmail.com

Contact Bugwood: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | (250) 877-3505. Hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm, Every day of the week. Open holidays!
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